How Can I Help?

Wilderstein’s group of dedicated volunteers contribute their time and talents to a wide range of enriching and vital assignments necessary for the operation of the site. From conducting tours and serving visitors in the gift shop to landscape maintenance and other important work – they give hundreds of hours volunteering each year.

Some of the benefits of volunteering at Wilderstein include:

  • Spending time in a beautiful and historic environment.
  • Learning about the history of the Hudson Valley through workshops, training, and special educational programs offered specifically for Wilderstein volunteers.
  • Meeting visitors from around the nation and the world.
  • Building long-lasting friendships.
Volunteering at Wilderstein Historic Site

We are always looking for more people who would like to share in the rewarding experience of helping to preserve this important landmark and sharing it with others. For additional information about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Wilderstein Office at wilderstein@wilderstein.org or 845-876-4818.