Wish List

“Sponsor” a Tree: $250

Help us to replace the majestic trees the Suckley Family planted at Wilderstein over 100 years ago. Many have reached the end of their lifespan, and several have come down in recent storms. Please help us to replant as many as possible.

“Adopt” a Goat: $500

For many years, Wilderstein has utilized goats to clear brush and sustainably maintain the site’s breathtaking views of the Hudson River. Please help by underwriting the cost of a goat for the 2023 season.

“Buy” a Pillar: $750

To preserve the vibrant beauty of the exterior of the Wilderstein mansion, each year a section is repaired and repainted. Maintaining the building’s Victorian color scheme and many architectural details is costly. Please become a “pillar of support” for this effort.

“Invest” in the Carriage House: $1,000

The next phase of work on the Wilderstein carriage house will focus on replacing the roof and straightening the turret. Please help us to move forward with this important project.